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    Complete management and traceability solution
    Specially designed for slaughterhouses, packers, meat processors and further processing companies
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    Automation Systems and Management Software for Small-Mid size cattle farms


Vetident Technologies was established in 2003 by a group of experts who have vast experience in veterinary identification and traceability technologies.

In 2004, VetPractice Veterinary Clinic and Hospital Management Software was released; the software is currently used by over 500 clinics.

In 2008, Vetident participated in Turkey’s first end-to- end industrial Beef cattle management system with the Argitrack Solution which had been developed since 2004. Now the system is being used by many large-scale farming companies.

In 2013, Vetident launched an innovative MRP system called Meatsys – Intelli-hook, to the market. Meatsys is currently used by big companies like National Meat and Milk Corporation which is mostly owned by the Turkish Government, with eight meat processing factories across the country. Meatsys is also used by some other large scale processing plants both within and outside Turkey.

In 2016, Vetident developed a system for Veterinary Border inspection points to be used by Turkish Ministry of Agriculture. This system made it very easy for the Ministry to be able to register animals and animal by-products through the inspection points and MofA offices with all the procedures; alongside the movement of the animals and the goods.


  • Do it your way: Design your workflow and processes with parametric drag and drop workstation management module.
  • Easy to use: Finish the job with fewer clicks
  • Use it even on your phone: device independent user interface lets you use any kind of device with a web browser as a workstation
  • You have the control: Reach your management console from everywhere
  • Never stop production due to IT failures: Change the workstaions in matter of minutes with no hurdle
  • Less human mistake: define validations and boundries against human mistake
  • Design your own barcode: Design your barcodes and include in your workflow easily
  • Integrate: You can Integrate with any ERP system with easy to use API support
  • Device Independent: works with any type of scale and barcode printer.
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  • You can not manage if you can’t measure
  • Use it on you phone in the farm: Easy to use web based interface for daily jobs
  • Integrated devices: Use Electronic identification readers and weighing scales for easy and automatic data input
  • Measure performance: Do you know how much feed turned in to live weight? And how much a kilo of animal costed you?
  • Manage Inventory: Drugs, feed, animals are all tracked and traced
  • Traceability: Add value to your herd by giving traceability data do the buyers.
  • Manage Health: Track all the drug usage, disease and costs.
  • Manage Inventory: Drugs, feed, animals are all tracked and traced
  • Manage feding operations; Feed rations, recipes, mixer operations are all under control. No more wrong doing in feed operations.
  • Manage milking operations (optional milking module): Intergate your milking system with Integrafarm and measure feed efficiency
  • Manage Fertility: Inseminations, pregnancy and calving operations are all under control with procedures and reminders.
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Vetident offers generous and solid partnership opportunities for ERP Integrators, meat business consultants, and professionals, equipment manufacturers, factory floor Integrators.

Our unique technology and easy-to-integrate architecture enables us to work with different kinds of businesses and allows us to give the best solution to our customers. While reaching to end users, we will also create a value chain for all the parties assisting us in developing the market.

We will forward all the leads on your territory directly to you.

Partnership types:
  • Certified IT Integrator

    Under this category, you can choose to become an IT expert that has experience in Networking, Barcode, RFID and system Installations.

  • Meat Processing System Consultants and Professionals

    Here you can choose to be a serving consultant or factory floor systems designer, and be willing to provide the best solution for your customers.

  • Slaughterhouse and meat processing equipment manufacturers and Installers

    Choose this option if you are slaughterhouse and meat processing equipment manufacturer or integrator serving the industry. We also have co-branding opportunity for equipment producers and system integrators. With our co-branding program, you can start offering the highest tech processing management and automation system without investing into software development and maintaining a development team. We are also happy to serve you as your technology partner in the industry.


  • Forwarded leads

    Immediately we get a lead in your territory; we'd forward the lead to one of the partners in the territory.

  • High margins

    We work with you to define profit margins according to your abilities and the level of responsibilities you are willing to take.

  • Dedicated support

    An account manager will be working with you to fulfill all necessary needs.

  • High flexibility.

    At Vetident, we try as much as we can to adapt the market needs and conditions regarding pricing, functions, and system properties. We are ready to work closely with you to understand the market better, and to adopt new systems and marketing strategies.

  • Training

    With detailed online and on-site training sessions, we are ever ready to assist you to gain adequate expertise in the field. Our solutions are user-friendly, self-explanatory, easy to install and service. Your account manager will assist you to complete your necessary training all along.

  • Online services for the partners

    We give access to our partners to take advantage of our online training, product documentation, sales and marketing assets, through our partner portal. The Partner Portal will give you total access to all the documentation you need to succeed in your business.

  • Co-innovation

    We are also enthusiastic to work with you on your innovative ideas to develop better solutions/systems.

  • Marketing support

    We are willing to help you with your marketing efforts like Partner-specific markets, co-exhibiting in the shows, marketing materials and so on.






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